Behind the Wheel & Beyond was created by people who understand the task of driving, and more importantly people that know how to teach this task.

Our mission is to help road users learn about the safe operation of the vehicle, its limitations, their own limitations and the environment they drive through everyday. It is our hope that by educating drivers in a relaxed, comfortable, and clean atmosphere, they will be able to learn quicker and more productively. We find it amazing that society as a whole spends a lot of time making vehicles safer, but what have we done for the driver? We need to find innovative and creative ways to help people learn the safe and skillful ways to operator motor vehicles making the roads a safer place for all road users.


Add additional knowledge and driving skill on a closed course to your Behind the Wheel & Beyond package. Join our team of experts in a 3 hour interactive lecture, as well as 5 hours of pure driving experience learning controlled backing, slalom at various speeds, efficiency of a car, braking, braking and steering.

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